School rules are set by the Board of Governers. Policy Futures in Education is a peer-reviewed international journal that is futures-oriented and committed to promoting debate in education among university academics, practising policy analysts in government and local government, national and international policy advisors, politicians, members of policy think-tanks and world policy agencies such as the World Bank, OECD and the European Union. Most children enter primary school at age 5 where they remain for 6 years. You can expect to find good quality education in New Zealand. Many schools have an enrolment scheme called zoning. Primary and secondary schools are the second level of education. If you choose to live outside the zone of your preferred school, your children will probably not get places. New Zealand resident visa holders are classified as domestic students in New Zealand. The vast majority of children and students attend their local school or early learning centre, and learn and achieve alongside their peers. }; Each university offers degrees in a large choice of subjects and has strengths in specialised professional degrees. applicationID: "RSJNLYFSEK", New Zealand has 3 wānanga (state-owned Māori teaching and research institutions). Has this been useful? In New Zealand, the education system is a bit different than anywhere in the world.The system of getting an Honours degree is prevalent even there. //

special features of education in new zealand 2021