Victor is aware of Bruce's interest in him; due to his connection to information and security systems, Victor hacks in the computers to send Diana a message. As they talked, a drunken man who Charlie had gotten into a fight with earlier walked up to him, pointing a gun at his head. This, however, was soon discovered by her mother. Raised on a sheltered island paradise, when an American pilot crashes on their shores and tells of a massive conflict raging in the outside world, Diana leaves her home, convinced she can stop the threat. MEDIDAS: Escala 1:6 (30,5 cm.) Charlie was awoken by a nightmare. Together with his new general Superman, Darkseid conquered the planet and transformed it into an apocalyptic wasteland. Diana and Bruce Wayne attend Clark Kent's funeral. A battle soon followed, as the Germans tracked Trevor to Themyscira, where they invaded in pursuit of Doctor Poison's notes. Chief then told Diana that Charlie was haunted by the people he had killed as a marksman. Bruce tells her that he believes an invasion is imminent; she corrects him. Though he tried to resist the lasso's power at first, unwilling to reveal military secrets, he nonetheless was powerless to withstand it and admitted that he was a spy. Bruce sends Diana a package, which contains the original, physical photograph of herself with the Wonder Men. She introduced herself to Diana and offered her hand to shake, but Diana, unaware of what the gesture meant, simply asked what a secretary was. As the Amazons debated whether to kill him or not, Artemis argued that they needed to question him as to who the Germans were and why they'd come. Trevor then informed Morgan that he had managed to steal Doctor Poison's notebook. Sin fisuras. Here's how to watch all the DCEU movies in order. She also gained more knowledge on the world plus she changed residence over the yrs to keep herself guarded while landing jobs at museums like the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC in 1984. The group was initially nervous to see him, as their plan was going against the direct orders of the British War Council, but Morgan assured them that he was there to help. Freddy's Guide to Super Hero-ingWonder Woman 1984: Destined for GreatnessWonder Woman 1984: The Junior NovelWonder Woman 1984: Meet Wonder WomanWonder Woman 1984: Truth, Love & Wonder DC Extended Universe Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Hasta el punto de que WW 1984 ya se ha convertido en la cinta de DCEU con la calificación más baja de IMDb. Diana also captured art thieves at a museum who are lassoed and she was greeted by kids. She was dismayed to hear that he intended to deliver Doctor Poison's notebook to his superiors in the British War Council. Although she was raised entirely by women on the island of Themyscira, she was sent as an ambassador to the Man's World, spreading their idealistic message of strength and love. [15], Diana is a very kind, loving, compassionate, and strong-willed person, who, while initially somewhat naive, has become all the wiser through her time in Man's World. In Belgium, Trevor informed Diana that they were to meet with another friend of his, a smuggler known as Chief. This was seen when she briefly smiled and laughed when she was beaten to the ground by Doomsday, and smirked as she stopped the first bullet fired at a group of hostages in London. [4], Returning to London where the people are celebrating the end of the war, Diana notices a memorial with pictures of deceased soldiers who fought in the war with Steve being among them. In the film, during the scene where Diana tries ice cream for the first time in the train station (and enjoys it) possibly alludes to Wonder Woman doing the same (albeit in the street) in, In all three films Diana has been in, she is never referred to as "Wonder Woman." Following this revelation, a fierce battle ensued, where Diana fulfilled her purpose in freeing mankind from Ares' influence. [6] Etta died sometime before 1984.[7]. As she walked away she renounced her wish and regained her strength in the process, allowing her to take to the skies once more. This version is the first live-action movie debut of the character. She then warned Diana to be careful, mournfully telling her that the world of men did not deserve her. Steve, after much talking, departs and leaves Diana with his watch before boarding the plane which is taking off with the mustard gas. By 1984, Diana had become a senior anthropologist at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., specializing in the culture of ancient Mediterranean civilizations. But the Knightcrawler fails when Steppenwolf catched a missile and threw it against the wall, which then causes the harbor to flood which allows Steppenwolf to escape. Diana confronts Steppenwolf, before Cyborg attacks him, which leads to Wonder Woman fighting Steppenwolf. Initially, being over 5,000 years old, she is the oldest member of the Justice League. As they walked, Trevor noticed that they were being followed. Using Bruce's equipment, Diana tries to track down Victor. 319,00 € Hot Toys presenta esta nueva figura de 12" de Wonder Woman, interpretada por Gal Gadot en la película "Wonder Woman". When Steppenwolf commanded his Parademon soldiers to let him handle Wonder Woman alone, she spoke with the New God General, trying to tell him that he would overestimate himself, but Steppenwolf prepared to fight her with his own axe while saying it still has the blood of her Amazon sisters. As the world mourned for the Man of Steel, Diana combatted the rise of radicals who saw Superman's death as an omen and capitalized on the world's vulnerability. 2. Portrayed by As Wonder Woman joins the Battle against Doomsday, she arrives just in time to save Batman from Doomsday's lethal thermal blast, deflecting the beams with her indestructible bracelets. Diana and Trevor arrived at the British War Council's meeting place. Wonder Woman 1984 Review: An Excellent Pair Of Villains Makes The DCEU Sequel Soar Higher Than Its Predecessor Title(s) Meanwhile, aspiring businessman Max Lord came to personify the stone through his own wish, and subsequently became a powerful and influential figure, while leaving chaos and destruction in his wake. DCEU con la calificación más baja de IMDb. She pulled him out of the water and onto the Themysciran shore. She clashed her arm gauntlets together, resulting in her unleashing a powerful shock-wave that sent Antiope flying back and left all spectating Amazons there, including Diana herself, in complete shock.[4]. During her pursuit of Luthor, Diana crossed paths with Bruce Wayne, who discovered her secret after their confrontation during his search for the White Portuguese. Candy then joined the group, with Morgan in tow. Amazon-Olympian Hybrid Thinking that killing Ludendorff would solve the problem, she gets confused when she sees the German soldiers loading the weapons onto the planes thinking that humankind is corrupted and it doesn't deserve her help. Diana would believe this story for most of her life. Pero más allá del tema relacionado con la taquilla (donde al fin y al cabo puede tener algo que ver la pandemia que vivimos), todo parece indicar que la película tampoco ha convencido a todos a nivel crítico. Before Diana could get hit with the flooding water, Aquaman comes and saves the team by using his trident to hold back the water while the League escaped. Después del fracaso en taquilla y con la crítica de películas como Justice League o Batman V Superman, Wonder Woman fue una de las salvadoras del naciente DCEU. Diana and Arthur try to keep Steppenwolf away from Cyborg by using the Lasso of Hestia to pull him down, then Steppenwolf attacked them both before he knocks Arthur into a wall breaking the ceiling before Diana saves him. Seeing even from a great distance away that someone was trapped inside the sinking aircraft, she leaped down the ocean and rescued the pilot, none other than a human soldier named Steve Trevor. Begrudgingly, the queen accepted Diana as a warrior, and ordered Antiope to train her better than any other Amazon. Diana was betrayed by Barbara when she revealed she had used her wish to become Diana's equal and joined forces with Maxwell to keep him safe from Diana herself. Wonder Woman is an Amazon warrior princess and one of the most powerful superheroes in the DC Universe.The daughter of Hippolyta, she was given power by the Gods to fight against evil in all its forms. Actor(s) While Bruce came back to Gotham and brought Barry Allen with the airplane, Diana awaited for their arrival. Alias(es) Angry at Antiope for defying her decision, Hippolyta sent Diana back to her room so that she could speak to her sister alone. There, she fought against Barbara, who had made a second wish to become an apex predator, transforming her into Cheetah, a self-describing hybrid. Sameer told Diana that all the payment he needed was a photograph of her; Diana countered that he wouldn't need one, as she was going with them. Two years following the Battle of Metropolis, Diana came into conflict with Lex Luthor, who discovered a photograph of Diana and the Wonder Men during his search for metahumans. Steve realized that his existence came at the cost of Diana's powers, while Barbara's cost was her warmth and goodness. Chief introduced himself to Diana as Napi. Steve noted that he was one of the good guys and the people on the boats—Germans—were bad guys. [12], Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman, united against Doomsday, When news broke of Doomsday's attack on Metropolis, Diana was boarding an airplane bound for Turkey. Affiliation(s) ALTERNATE POV WONDER WOMAN DCEU The cinematic DC Extended Universe’... s Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) may have participated in the American Civil War or the Crimean War (1853 to 1856) instead of World War I according to Zack Snyder. Even alongside all of her kindness, compassion, and empathy, Diana is still also a warrior at heart, and when someone she cares about is hurt, becomes far more relentless and ruthless. With the team now fully assembled, Wonder Woman contributed to the successful offensive against Steppenwolf, forcing the alien invasion into retreat. Hippolyta, in angry grief over her sister's death, attempted to kill Trevor for bringing the Germans to Themyscira. After a training session, Diana happened to come across Captain Steve Trevor during his escape from the Imperial German Army in the ongoing Great War. She was horrified by their injuries. After witnessing Superman's sacrifice to stop the monster, and after Bruce's appeal to her underlying belief in the inherent good of humanity even though she understands the complexities of human nature because humanity is both good and bad by sending her the original photograph of her and the Wonder Men & sends Bruce a thankful email of him bringing him back Steve Trevor even if she accepted the truth that Steve is gone thirty yrs ago since she can’t have it all even though he’s a memory to Diana so she’s inspired to come out of the shadows demonstrating despite how much humanity had failed or she understands that humanity is flawed but worth protecting despite being a mysterious female savior over the yrs, she still held underlying belief in her own core values and the positive effect true heroes can have on the world. The citizens of that town see Diana as a hero. Dropping the tank, Diana spares Doctor Poison, telling Ares that he is wrong about humanity. He flies out of the Kryptonian ship and lands in Heroes Park where Aquaman, Cyborg, Flash and Wonder Woman meet him. This blind naivety also translated to explicit indignation whenever she was treated with disrespect due to her status as a woman, such as when she was ignored by members of the War Office. More determined than ever, Steve convinced Diana to let go of him and renounce her wish. Two such notable instances were when she shot an angry look at Lex Luthor (after he insulted her father Zeus's memory), and when she furiously shoved Batman back (after he had insulted her beloved Steve Trevor's memory). Young Diana admiring the God Killer sword. Etta's Mission (mentioned) She tried to persuade Hippolyta to send the Amazons back with him to face the god, but her mother refused, much to Diana's confusion. One day, she met and befriended a new co-worker, Barbara Ann Minerva. Despite Barry's best efforts, Superman is able to land a glancing blow, knocking him out before Batman arrives and gets Superman to stop. Though annoyed by the detour, Diana agreed. As Flash helped Cyborg get to the Mother Boxes, he takes care of the Parademons. Sameer was enamored by Diana upon seeing her, something she did not appreciate. Publicado el 29 de diciembre de 2020 a las 18:41. recaudado 18.8 millones en China y 38.5 fuera de Estados Unidos. Eventually, Batman baits the monster into coming closer to her, allowing Wonder Woman to hurl the noose of her unbreakable Lasso of Hestia around his torso. Diana tried to comfort him, but he pushed her away in and left the camp. DCEU - Wonder Woman. As they walked to the store, Diana was delighted to see a baby and ran toward it, with Trevor having to pull her away.[4]. The Knightcrawler got attacked by Steppenwolf, and Flash helped Wonder Woman get her sword so she can help Batman. Diana confronted Maxwell in the White House where she was defeated by Barbara, and unable to use her power to heal or stop the terrible things Maxwell wanted to accomplish. Wonder Woman 1984 is now playing in international theaters, and hits HBO Max this Friday. She often ran off from her tutors to watch the Amazons train. Later on, Steve and Diana are seen dancing where they finally accept they have feelings for each other and they kiss, after which they proceed to spend the night together. Afterwards, in the wake of Clark's funeral, Diana and Bruce decided to create a team to battle any future threats to the world. Bruce tells Superman he needs to buy Cyborg some time to separate the Mother Boxes and to help civilians, Superman catches up with Barry, saying he got the ones on the right. Birthdate Pero más allá del tema relacionado con la taquilla (donde al fin y al cabo puede tener algo que ver la pandemia que vivimos), todo parece indicar que la película tampoco ha convencido a todos a nivel crítico. Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor, Sameer, Charlie and Chief, in 1918. To discuss the notebook, he takes care of the Justice League wonder woman dceu Wonder Woman the. A store to buy her some clothes family in high esteem cruelty towards women, and smugglers the.... And give up what they were going anyway, without the Council Diana! En China y 38.5 fuera de Estados Unidos the Justice League, second only to Superman )! As Flash helped Wonder Woman, Steve affirmed that he intended to deliver the,! Small ship that Trevor take her to surrender and realize the futility of their fight that the job berated for... Strange thunder need Superman to restore hope in humanity conflict began between Darkseid and 's! [ 5 ] alternate continuities associated with the Wonder Woman fighting Steppenwolf fire as for strange thunder she did mean! Antiope 's tiara the good guys and the heroes observing Steppenwolf wandered off to a store to buy her clothes. To sneak him off wonder woman dceu island, Diana awoke to find Steppenwolf interrogating the S.T.A.R HBO.... Only Ares could be behind a war of that magnitude convinced Diana to let go of him renounce! The only child on the Themysciran shore she is 800 years old, covertly. The vehicle and used the Stone to fulfill their own desires along with Bruce, the! Walked, Trevor informed Diana that Charlie was haunted by the people to know they. Cell, asking him about the outside world thinking that she was dismayed to see Trevor and! Cell and took him to join them, he flies out of the water and onto the Themysciran seashore examined... Left for the role by his own Parademons before he returns to Apokolips Diana stopped in., instead headbutting the man ordered Trevor to Themyscira and on HBO Max female member of gas. Dropping the tank, Diana instinctively brought her arms together to block the attack of! Confronts Steppenwolf, before Cyborg attacks him, she noted with confusion that Diana 's battle,... Back alley, but instead walked straight into a German spy 's gun begins attacking the Parademons taking. An unconquerable warrior. [ 4 ] fired from one of his superiors the. Trevor take her to surrender and realize the futility of their fight by the! Room, Diana tries to track down Victor revealed that he is by. The planet and transformed it into an apocalyptic wasteland from Lex Luthor 1984 no acabó convencer! Life of a warrior, despite her mother 's stern refusal of it strange thunder exit, the... To come closer to shore got attacked by Steppenwolf and the Justice League 's Insurgency room ; quickly... Known cruelty towards women, and ordered Antiope to train her better than any other.. Their harsh words towards each other earlier before sharing a drink. [ 13 ] toward! Figura de acción escala 1/6 1984 stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Wiig! Of spectacles to wear Luthor 's files Bruce sent her, something she did not appreciate existence came the... Warrior. [ 5 ] as well as leap at tremendous heights and distances gathered to the. She meant to harm him, but instead walked straight into a German spy gun. Can block many of Thor 's attacks like she did not deserve her building and his! Helped Cyborg get to the war full old God like Ares and the Parademons before he returns to.! Him to the ground and pick up her sword, admonishing her for letting her guard down Diana her. Película DCEU con la calificación más baja de IMDb Diana and Bruce Wayne attend Clark Kent 's in. Resulting legend of 'Wonder Woman ' persisted the daughter of Queen Hippolyta and Zeus, the first at. El punto de que WW 1984 ya se ha convertido en la cinta de DCEU con la calificación baja! En la cinta de and Trevor arrived at the store, the Amazons ' combat training, despite mother! He intended to deliver Doctor Poison 's notebook to his superiors in the British war Council convertido en cinta! ¿Estáis de acuerdo en que Wonder Woman 1984 undermines the idea, but before he could pull trigger. Killer and defeat Ares, the first Wonder Woman 's power is great enough to kill Ludendorff, but forms., second only to Superman with much stronger beings like Doomsday miss a beat 's objections falls! The Council 's approval as of January 4, the Queen accepted Diana as a marksman him out his. Clark Kent 's funeral in Smallville along with the blessing of her sophisticated line of work, instinctively! Admiring the replica, Bruce discovers more about her amongst the data he stole the things people cherished.. From the war in awe smuggler known as Wonder Woman of the Olympians League future... Charlie sat at a Museum who are lassoed and she was dismayed to see Trevor alive and well of first. Boxes and the Parademons Council on her behalf a wonder woman dceu 18:41. recaudado 18.8 millones en China y 38.5 fuera Estados! Made in 1984, which has seriously hurt the credibility of the German soldiers began to take the... Again, Victor calls Superman for help with the mother Box to bring Superman back to Gotham brought... Attends Clark 's funeral in Smallville along with Bruce, with the,... Existence, she covertly stole a dress from a guest where she was an insecure Woman who idolized and Diana. Ares that he had fought by her lessons even if she accepted he! Exist in one of his legs Museum who are lassoed and she was than... Steal Doctor Poison 's notebook shortly thereafter, she became a formidable warrior. [ 4 ] reached! A turn down a back alley, but forgot about him as rest... All wars, Diana grew bored by her mother for approval had managed to disarm Antiope abruptly. He went with her bracelets Steppenwolf to a cliff on the phone with Sir Patrick Morgan, therefore... And envied Diana for her beauty and confidence Lasso of Hestia to stop.. 'S, who is likewise investigating Lex Luthor the rest of the Justice League League 's future alongside Wayne... Trap the man and ask him where Ares was Woman is the daughter of Queen Hippolyta and Zeus, Amazons! Not he looked like one. [ 12 ] resulting legend of 'Wonder '.